Just remembered I wanted to pass this on. I ran the St. Louis Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in October. A co-worker of mine was in St. Louis visiting family and was watching the race at about mile 7.5. I was running with my Phonak, Naida S CRTIX (recommended by Dr. Dunn). I was on the opposite side of the road and I heard my name being called out. It was my co-worker. That was really cool as I didn't know anyone was there that knew me. Upon our return to work he told he started to not call out because he knew I probably would not hear him. Just an added bonus as it already makes it much safer to run when you can actually hear what is going on around you! Thanks Dr. Dunn. PS. This is not a paid or solicited post. I know if I was a runner or someone that like to be outside in the weather I would want to know about this new hearing aid. F. Hancock, Little Rock, AR, 11-12-2012

I become more amazed by you and your knowledge of the hearing loss world, the HAs, and everything. I knew you knew a lot…but you know a LOT!!!! The way you work with me and are willing to understand what my concerns are while trying to adjust and tweak my hearing aids goes beyond professionalism. God places everyone on our lives for a reason…. yeas ago when I met you, I thought of you as my Dr…. but you mean so much more to me now. You are willing to help me as soon as I call. tell me what I need to know, not just what I want to know!! R. Reed, Sheridan, AR, August 2011

I started taking my mom to Dr. Tammy, oh, so many years ago.  I think we were some of her earliest patients when she started her own practice.  From the time I found that I too needed help, I have trusted her to provide me with the best hearing aid for me, at an affordable price for me, and she has come through every time.

For you folks who are wondering if Dr. Tammy's practice is who you should trust to provide your hearing needs, I promise, this is the place you should go.  She was wonderful with my mom who had Alzheimer's disease, and the staff patiently and kindly endured Mom's habit of frequently just showing up at the office with some odd complaint. Dr. Tammy has a soothing and calming manner, and from my own experience in adjusting to new hearing aids (my dogs have crunched a few), I know she works with her patients for as long as it takes to get the best result possible from the hearing aid. And if she thinks the manufacturer didn't build it like she ordered, she doesn't hesitate to send it back for a replacement.

This is not an "old timey" office; they are computer savvy and are up to the minute in offering the latest innovations in hearing aids from several different manufacturers, unlike some of the companies with the full-page ads that sell one brand only and charge "an arm and a leg." I have friends who were tempted by the glowing promises of a couple of these ads, and have been greatly disappointed with the inferior quality of their hearing and at finding out they paid two or three times what I paid.

Over the years, Dr. Tammy has become a friend, and she's just like that. She will learn to know you as a person, and remember things that you talked about. You will feel appreciated and the staff will take pains to accommodate your schedule. This is one doc I don't mind visiting G. Eddins, Little Rock, AR, August 2011

Hey Guys – just some feedback on Debbie's hearing aids. I know we always complain about things, so this is a big THANK YOU. We put the Ambra Micro P hearing aids on her yesterday. She's doing SO well. Sound for her is what she call's "the closest to normal hearing that she can remember". The phone being audible in both ears when everyone else is talking, has worked great. She is excited and has even worn her hearing aids at home now, a first since she first got devices back in 2003 or so. Her husband kept telling her to turn up the television! D. Alsbrook, Little Rock, AR, 2011

Today Show clip wth Matt Lauer getting a hearing test.