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About Us

Welcome to A Plus Hearing Service located in Little Rock, Arkansas.   We started out as A Plus Hearing in 1997, but our office has been around and providing hearing services in the Little Rock area since the mid 1960's as Grever Hearing Service, purchased by Dr. Tammy Dunn Vanover in 1997.   We wanted to follow in the tradition of excellent patient care for the hearing impaired community in the Little Rock and surrounding areas.   Dr. Dunn Vanover enjoys her work with the hearing impaired and truly cares about their patients.

Our office works with a variety of different manufacturers to provide the best and most up to date hearing health care services to our patients.    Many of your local family doctors may be familiar with our clinic and our excellence of care policies.  We have very high standards for patient care and want to treat each and every patient in the best way possible to assure success with testing and fitting hearing aids, assistive devices and custom devices for hearing loss and hearing protection, including personal listening devices for music, hunters, and noisy work environments.